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Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead!



The Science in Prisk's STEAM Program

Our vision statement here at Prisk Elementary school is that we are the “Pioneers of the Future”, exploring literacy, science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) to become the innovators of the 21st century.  Science is an integral part of this vision as it permeates our lives and continues to have a profound influence on the decisions and policies that guide and impact our communities.  As the constantly changing pressures of society continue to redefine the skillset needed by our students to contribute in a positive way, it becomes essential to provide curriculum and programs that will serve to develop a 21st century skillset.  

Our science program at Prisk Elementary seeks to develop and expand upon the skillset of our students at all grade levels.  Each student receives weekly science lessons in their normal classrooms in addition to hands-on, inquiry based activities in one of our two designated science labs. Under the guidance of a credentialed science specialist and our S.T.E.A.M aides, the students work in small, collaborative groups to make predictions and form hypotheses, collect data, analyze results, and draw conclusions to help explain the natural phenomena that they are presented with.  Our program serves not only to encourage a natural curiosity at all grade levels, but also to develop an understanding of how to use the methods of scientific inquiry.  With a designated budget for purchasing resources coupled with an extensive collection of supplies and scientific instruments, our students are provided with rich, authentic experiences from which to enhance their science knowledge and inquiry skills.   In addition, our extensive Native Plant Garden with attached outdoor learning arbor provide numerous opportunities for exploring concepts in the earth, life, and physical sciences.   

As we continue our transition to the Next Generation Science Standards, our program seeks not only to develop the science knowledge and inquiry skills of our students, but also to prepare them for making responsible decisions concerning science-related social issues.  We also strive to inform them about careers in the sciences and how they can apply science to their everyday lives.   Through their own personal discovery and continuously asking questions, it is our hope that our students realize that anyone can be a scientist and that the world is theirs to explore.

Mr. Macander in the Science lab
Mr. Macander in the Science lab

The Prisk K-5 Science Lab

By David Macander Science TOSA

Many students hold the misconception that science is just a list of facts to be memorized.  While this is an important aspect of science, it is my job to awaken them to the second component: discovery.  Science is about asking questions, predicting outcomes, and testing theories in an effort to build their ever-changing body of knowledge.  In this way, the process becomes equal in value to the end result.

Through participation in the Prisk science lab, I want all students to walk away with a thorough understanding of what science is really about.  If they leave with nothing else, it is my hope that all students will learn this one thing: Anyone can be a scientist, and kids can, too!