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Prisk Native Garden

The Prisk Native Garden and newly constructed Learning Arbor is a dynamic outdoor classroom environment that is constantly evolving and changing!

Each year, every grade level will be visiting the garden to study different aspects.  Garden life and garden lessons include (but are not limited to):

  • practicing observation skills by doing life science scavenger hunts. 
  • looking at plant structures and plant adaptations. 
  • studying soil composition as well as insect characteristics and life cycles. 
  •  studying the characteristics, life cycles and natural selection of flowers. 
  • look at energy flow within the garden.  
  • comparing the different ecosystems within the garden.  
  • employing Next Generation Science Standards in an outdoor native ecosystem as often as possible.

Some teachers also use the garden for inspiration for their art projects as well as for a location for quiet activities.  

Students in our native garden