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Rainy Days at Prisk

Rainy Morning Drop-Off


  • FROM 8:00-8:45 (Students Only)
    • The Vernon Gate between the Kindergarten Yard and the North Bungalows (Freeway Side)
    • The Library Door by the Main Entrance
    • The Auditorium Door on Los Arcos
    • The Cafeteria Door on Los Arcos
  • AT 8:45 (Students & Parents/Guardians)
    • The Main Entrance Gate and Auditorium Gates Open IN ADDITION to the gates & doors already listed above.

Rainy Day Dismissal/Pick-Up

  • Parents/Guardians can pick up their children by the classroom/building doors as usual on rainy days.
  • Any student whose parent/guardian is not waiting for them at the classroom/building doors will go directly to the lunch benches/auditorium area. Depending on the weather conditions (amount of rain, wind, etc), students will either wait at the lunch benches, or auditorium or be allowed to choose one or the other.
  • Students who usually meet their parent/guardian at a location outside of the campus gates are free to do so even on rainy days. However, if your child does not have a raincoat/umbrella, it is encouraged that they stay at the lunch benches/auditorium with our staff until their parent/guardian comes on campus to get them.

Rainy Day Lunch

This information is for Prisk Faculty & Staff, But Just So You are "In the Know" or Want To Review the Info With Your Child(ren)...

  • Students eat their lunch in the cafeteria and then move into the auditorium to watch a movie until their teacher comes to pick up their students to return to class.
  • The Prisk PTA pays annually for a movie license from SWANK so that we can legally show movies to groups of students indoors throughout the year. This is just one example of the many ways the PTA and your PTA membership/donations support our students each and every day!